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What is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics is nothing but measuring the process of measuring the KPI’s of any business by using the tools that can help us understand different customer behaviors and patterns. Hiring the best web analytics company can help any business successfully attain the required traffic for the website which is indeed the first step of the digital conversion buyer journey. Web analytics focuses on understanding the past, present, and future of any business which can help in better optimization of the website.

Digital Mynah- Web Analytics Service Providers in Nepal

Digital Mynah is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Nepal. We provide web analytics services to all businesses around the globe. Our dedicated team follows a successful web analytics framework procedure that has already had enough success rates for many of our clients. With our process, every business can see the maximum ROI for any digital investment. We make sure that our clients get the maximum profits of every campaign they run with the help of a successful web analytics strategy we create. Below is the web analytics procedure we follow at our company which is indeed the blueprint of any web analytics procedure.

Defining the Goals:

Based on the type and size of both audience and business, we try to identify the goals to be fulfilled at each stage of the web analytics workflow. Different businesses may have various objectives like increasing revenue, increasing visibility, generating sales, and many others. At Digital Mynah, we ensure that we reach all these goals in the least time possible. Only after identifying the goals and objectives, we start the web analytics process for any business.

Build Key Performance Indicators:

As a web analytics service provider, once the goals are identified, we move on to identify the KPI’s that can relate to the wider audience based on the web behavior of the audience. We build simple, relevant, and timely KPI’s. Achieving these KPI’s can be a great way to succeed in the web analytics procedure. Also, these KPI’s can be a great way to make any business apt for omnichannel marketing.

Collecting Data:

At Digital Mynah, our web analytics services team with deep expertise and subject knowledge in digital marketing believes that collecting data is a crucial part of web analytics. Collecting accurate and relevant data is important to understand customer behavior. With years of professional web analytics experience, our team effectively uses all the data collection methods like Web Logs, JavaScript Tagging, Web Beacons, and Packet Sniffing to collect useful and sensible data that is generated from various sources.

Analyzing Data:

Once the data is collected, we analyze with the utmost care by acknowledging all the necessary optimizing factors like Data Visualization, Internal Site Search, Keywords, and Bounce Rate.  A successful data analyzation always results in identifying the website bugs, effecting the versus of split tests, and also the missing data to be collected.

Testing Alternatives:

Once done with analyzing the data, we try to experiment with various other alternatives that can test different tools, landing pages, goals, and segments involved in the entire web analytic procedure. This can help us identify if there are any minute mistakes and also rectify them before actually implementing the process. This testing can be done to small elements of the website to avoid large time consumption.

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