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Digital Mynah provides top-notch social media analytics services to any business across the globe. With our intuitive dashboards and reporting style, companies will figure out the workable social media platforms to run ad campaigns and market their products.

Why is Social Media Analytics Important?

Every internet user now has a social media profile on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It is visible that most of your audience can be found on social media. This is why social listening has become essential for any business to track audience interaction on the website, mobile apps, and social media pages.

With the digital analytics services we offer, you can now get valuable insights into your target audience, their interests, and buying preferences. Thus you can carefully analyze all the comments, feedback, suggestions, and complaints on your social pages. Analyzing them can help you draw impactful decisions for your business. Our social media analytics experts use text mining, automatic categorization, and sentiment analysis technologies combined with human intelligence to give insightful reports to industries.

Different Social Media Analytics Services We offer at Digital Mynah

Descriptive analytics

 Descriptive analytics of social media deals with aggregating data in terms of visualizations, reports, and clustering. It works in understanding the data like user comments to understand the sentiments, moods, and trends of the current market. This kind of analytics has helped us give our clients concluding statements on the themes in the context of different social media handles of their business.

Predictive analytics

 This is one more important type of analytics used to analyze the ongoing trend in every industry. Not just the present, but predictive analytics also helps calculate the user’s future behavior based on the present actions. For example, a user comments on a social media post posted regarding any product and service of the business; our experts use predictive analysis to see if the user ends up buying it.

Diagnostic analytics

 This kind of analytics aims at establishing the relationship between an event created on any social media platform and the social reactions like comments, shares, and likes received. This is the exact opposite of the predictive type, as it focuses more on analyzing past events. Based on the results drawn, you will be able to calculate why and how a mistake happened. By working on all these analytics together over the past few years, our digital analytics experts have helped many companies assess their marketing team’s social media efforts.

Prescriptive analytics

Prescriptive analytics, as the name suggests it doesn’t tell you the future trends but also can suggest the path to be aligned with the digital transformation of social media. The analytics works best for those businesses handling multiple social media accounts and running social campaigns. All it does is establish a pattern of outcomes from the diverse user behaviors.

Reach us to know more about the social media analytics services we offer at Digital Mynah. With the right social analytics tools and experts in place, we have already succeeded in being the best social media analytics service provider in Nepal for the past years now.

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