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Why Is SEO Important for any Business?

Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in Search Engine Page Rankings. It is nothing but Google’s way of determining the credibility of a website to be ranked in the top search results. It is said that almost 65% of internet users click on the first five search page results. With the help of better SEO, the higher is the organic traffic generated and clicks for any website.

SEO Services at Digital Mynah:

Being the best SEO company in Nepal, we at digital Mynah are committed to rank any business on the top of the search engine results in the lowest time possible.  We make sure that the website we deal with has better navigation, an enhanced user experience, engaging user content with relevant keywords for each URL to rank on the first page. Below is the sequel of the SEO workflow we follow for our projects.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the first step of our SEO strategy. As a professional SEO company in Nepal, we finalize the keywords based on the search intent, search volume to get better rankings when targeted.

On-Page Optimization:

We have a team of SEO experts, who work on the on-page SEO parameters like Meta Tags, Internal Links, Header Tags, URL Optimization, Page Loading Speed , Mobile Optimization  and many other issues  to improve the page relevancy followed by better user experience.

Content Optimization:

As the saying goes” Content is the king of any marketing strategy,” we ensure that the website content is keyword enrich and pleasing enough for both the website visitors and search engines. Using quality content can increase the time users spend on the website and thus there is a high chance that visitors turn to customers.

Off-Page Optimization:

Generating high-quality backlinks is important for any website to maintain a healthy domain score. Our dedicated SEO team does a thorough competitor analysis and strives constantly to find unique ways to get backlinks with more ease and convenience.

Monitoring the Results:

Being one of the top SEO companies in Nepal, we are accountable and answerable for all the SEO services we offer. We monitor the SEO workflow regularly by utilizing Google Analytics to track the  SEO KPI’s like bounce rate, average session duration, page views, etc…

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