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A Brief on The Online Reputation Management

Reputation matters a lot for any business for both online and offline marketing. We are all living in a digital world where negativity can be spread from any means and any time. Each negative comment that emerged on the internet hinders the growth of the business. To stop the spread of negativity in the digital world, ORM has been introduced. With the help of this, businesses aim at creating positive perception by eliminating the negative reviews about any business. On doing this, all the positive content is ranked higher about any business in search engine results pages (SERPs) and thus encouraging to create a positive impact on the business.

Digital Mynah-Best Online Reputation Management Services in Nepal

Digital Mynah is one of the best digital agencies in Kathmandu. We offer various digital marketing services to all the businesses and managed to provide ORM services to businesses as well. Our team of experts implement all the latest methodologies to successfully control the digital fame and name of all our clients and their business. Here are a few steps we follow to implement the ORM strategy of any business.

Monitor the Business:

As an online reputation management agency, we believe that the first step of any ORM strategy is to identify the key source of the reputation being generated. We try to figure out all the possibilities to create a reputation and thus monitor the sources for any negativity being spread by the competitors. For example, if our client owns a restaurant in one of the tourist attractions, we try to advertise the physical location and also generate reviews n sites like Trip Advisor, Google, etc… to target all the tourists.

Segregate the Plan:

Once we develop the ORM plan, our well-organized team segregates different duties of the plan among themselves. ORM is huge, but the most important part of it is responding to the comments. To effectively handle this tedious task, different individuals might e required to monitor the comments, to decide whether a comment requires a response or not, to respond immediately, etc. Putting all these together we implement the best ORM strategy for any business.

Handling the Negativity:

Well, we can’t always expect the digital reviews and ratings to be high for any business. The main goal of ORM is to eliminate all the poor ratings and reviews for any brand. We at Digital Mynah, believe that responding to the negative comments in the appropriate manner is far better than just eliminating them. We try to reply to them as soon as possible before the unhappy customers run out of patience.

Measure the Results:

We value our client’s investment of time and money with us on ORM services, to ensure that we deliver them all the best results, we measure the results of our online response management strategies, we use the effective tools that can rate our ORM performance score, we never settle down for an average performance score. Instead, we always try to keep our scores high to ensure that our clients have the best online reputation.

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