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What Is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

There are around two million mobile apps to date in the Android and iOS stores. To ensure the discoverability and visibility of the app could be a daunting task for any business. To perform this task, every business is now opting for App Store Optimization. ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in the app store. With the help of higher rankings, apps usually tend to get more traffic followed by an increased number of users and downloads.

App Store Optimization Services at Digital Mynah:

As a renowned digital marketing agency in Nepal, we at Digital Mynah offer Android application development services that help every business rank the app on the top search results of the app store page. Our dedicated team strives constantly to design the best ASO strategy for any business by understanding the target audience and user interest. Below is the streamlined process we follow at our company for ASO.

Understanding the Audience:

Being one of the android app development services companies, we start our ASO strategy by knowing the interests of the target audience to generate the maximum user interest in the lowest possible time. To do this we do a thorough competitor analysis to get an idea of the differentiating factors of your app from the rest and also factors like reasons to download, language, etc…

The Keywords:

Keywords are the heart of SEO. The same goes for ASO as well, we choose the relevant keywords for the business and include them in the title, description. We strictly avoid keyword stuffing in our ASO process and also ensure that the keywords we select entice the customers in all the stages of the funnel.

Listing Localization:

We try to segregate the audience and find out the most spoken language of the target audience.  Based on the results, we adapt localization services to the app that translates the app’s title, keywords, description, and screenshots to the languages of your largest segments. This can increase the conversion rate to a great extent and also maximize the app downloads by boosting the readability and usability of the app.

App Indexing:

As one of the best android app development companies in Nepal, we believe that app indexing is one of the most effective steps to drive in traffic for the app’s product page. We ensure that the app is indexed so that new users can install the app by clicking on the deep link that appears in search results.

The Reviews and Ratings:

Reviews are the validation of the legitimacy and credibility of the app. The higher the positive reviews, the higher is the ranking of the app. We always have an eye on the reviews to answer the customer queries and thus eliminate all the negative reviews of the app which can improve the rankings as customers always tend to give a higher rating when their opinions are valued.

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