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The advent of smartphones has changed the pace of digital marketing. With the increased mobile users, there are around 2.96 million apps in Google play store. This has opened wide opportunities for every business to reach their customers with more ease and convenience. Having a mobile app can also strengthen customer engagement as there is a direct marketing channel created between the business and customers. Also with the help of feedback provided on the app any business will be able to improve the retail experience of the customers as well.

Digital Mynah-Android App Development Company

As one of the top digital marketing companies in Nepal, we at Digital Mynah also provide app development services in India and globally as well. Our team of professional android developers ensures that all the Android apps they develop can maximize the growth and generate revenue for any business. With the help of top-notch technology and real-time data analytics, we design custom mobile applications that can enhance the user experience of all the visitors of the targeted app. Here is how we drive success for any small, medium, and large scale enterprises to succeed with the help of the apps we develop.

The App Strategy:

As the saying goes, “Always start at the end before you begin.” App strategy is the blueprint of app design, development, and execution. As one of the best mobile application development company, our development team at Digital Mynah does a perfect SWOT analysis to find out the history of competition of the app in the market.

Wire Framing:

Wire framing is the process of integrating all the features of the app like ERP/CRM software, social media with the business strategy. As a renowned custom software development company we make sure that the perfect wire framing of an app can always structure the app end-to-end. This can make the app easily usable and also feasible for users.

App Design:

Once the wire framing of the app is done, the app design team works on the front-end (UI/UX) of the Android app development process which indeed is the most judged factor for any app across the play store. Our team ensures that all the factors and specifications included in the wireframing are perfectly integrated so that they can develop a better UI/UX design. The front-end designs we develop are intuitive and user-friendly.

App Testing:

The testing of the Android app is completely handled by the QA team which is responsible to detect any bugs in the app and produce software that has zero bug possibility app to our clients. Unity is everything. Our development and testing team works together to develop an error-free Android app for any business.

App Deployment and Market Submission:

Once the wire framing, testing, UI/UX, development of the app is completed we wait for you to be satisfied and give us the final approval to submit the app Google Play Store for approval. It requires a maximum of a couple of days for the approval to be accepted because we follow all the Google guidelines while designing the app.

Post Development:

Being one of the best mobile app development companies in Nepal, we also offer our clients the post-app development services like software upgrades and the cost of hosting the software on the Cloud server at a reasonable and low price. Our developers have the clients back always and are ready to fix any small glitches in the app which might happen due to network issues or change.

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